Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a TEDx speaker, coach, and professional empath on a mission to cure the world of disconnection. She helps individuals, corporate teams, and university students connect more deeply with themselves and those around them in order to lead in a way that is uniquely meaningful to them.

“Leadership” is a word we hear a lot, but what does embodied, conscious leadership actually look like? And how does authentic human connection play into this equation?

More and more, we’re seeing that vulnerability is not only appreciated in everyday life, but it’s a necessary element for meaningful connection, effective leadership, and a sense of belonging. We crave a high level of authenticity in this disconnected world, and yet, we just don't know how to show up this authentically in our own personal lives. We have the ability to bring authenticity, vulnerability, and connection to our lives and to the lives around us - we're simply not always willing to learn how or don't know how to start unpacking the rigid, disconnected world we live in. 

This is where Kyla comes in. She shows that deep, true, meaningful connection can feel easy. In fact, connection is our most natural state of being. 

We are all leaders, we just don’t know it yet. Connection is the avenue that gets us there.

Kyla helps individuals, corporate teams, and university students redefine leadership to show how we're all leading one another in ways that we're not even aware of - and how this awareness can change the way we live and lead. 


For years, Kyla struggled deeply with food and body image. While she spent time working with a coach to help her heal her relationship to food, her real healing began when she started publicly sharing about her challenges with self-esteem, shame, and finding meaning.

The response was staggering. Almost everyone who reached out to her had a response along the lines of, “Me too. I’ve been where you are and I’ve felt what you’re feeling.” She started to see that she was not alone in her struggles with food and body image as a woman, but she also noticed something much bigger from everyone she spoke with…

There was a hunger for authenticity, depth, and vulnerability.

We’re all the products of our experiences, and when we’re more open with one another on a real and authentic level, we have the potential to transform lives.

Now, this is beautiful and all … but we don’t exactly live in a culture that encourages this type of vulnerability and we simply don’t always know how to bring our fullest, most authentic selves to every situation - especially work spaces.

So, Kyla has dedicated her career to helping people be who they are everywhere they go — yes, even at work.

Kyla doesn’t have some special ability to be fearlessly authentic - we all possess this. She is passionate about making people feel more connected with their own stories and recognizing the connectedness that we all inherently share, and helping people get clear on how their words, actions, and beliefs impact the world every day.

Her workshops and talks help people make this connection, and lead with love in a totally transformative way.



When we feel connected and appreciated, we show up more. We opt in more fully to what’s in front of us and feel more invested in achieving a collective goal.



There are few things more powerful than knowing that you’re not alone. When we feel a visceral sense of interconnectedness, conflicts are rarer and solutions happen faster.



Leadership isn’t just for extroverts and CEOs. Each person has their own highly-personal style of leadership that can only be found when we’re being our most authentic selves.