Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a speaker, facilitator, and professional empath who speaks about loneliness in the millennial generation and how millennials can use their emotional experiences as tools for connection. She has shared her message internationally, on multiple TEDx stages, and has facilitated connective experiences for thousands of young adults around the world.

After years spent coaching, Kyla began pursuing a public speaking career. While she initially began her time on stages speaking about authentic human connection and how this exemplifies us as leaders, she began seeing loneliness as a theme that was emerging in the lives of her clients and audience, not to mention within herself. Curiosity ensued.

She began conducting informal research called the Millennial Loneliness Interviews where she interviewed dozens of millennials around the world about their experiences with loneliness, how they find community, and what connection means to them.

Based on the results, she was able to design a framework for creating connection and reframing the experience of loneliness in millennials. This formula is relevant in our personal lives, in community building, and in corporate settings looking to engage - and retain - millennial employees.

Through keynotes and workshops, Kyla helps her audience understand:

  • WHO the millennial generation is and which values they embody

  • WHY millennials are experiencing loneliness differently than any generation before it

  • WHAT practices can be implemented - in community or corporate settings - to make millennials feel seen, heard, and engaged