Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a speaker, mentor, and coach on a mission to help college students fall in love with their campus experience. Having gone through her own whirlwind journey at 3 different universities in 3 years, she delivers talks targeted to college students that help them fall in love with their campus experience by showing them that they are already leaders and don't even know it.

Years ago, Kyla began her freshman year of college feeling totally lost, left out, and unhappy. By the time she started her sophomore year at her third college, she still felt like she wasn't quite fitting in. Before filling out yet another transfer application, Kyla decided to take a closer look at what might be stopping her from having the college experience of her dreams. 

What she found was this: Most students don't feel like they belong on campus if they don't understand their own significance. 

Through finding her own unique avenue to leadership, Kyla was finally able to get connected to her campus and greater community. 

By her senior year, Kyla had held multiple leadership positions in student organizations, studied abroad, raised money to fund a service program in Latin America, had her dream job lined up in Argentina, and was on track to graduate early, with honors. Needless to say, she had successfully found her niche on campus.

Kyla is now on a mission to share this message with college students because she's "been there". By sharing her unique framework for connection on campus, she outlines how students can become more empowered leaders and find greater fulfillment in their college experience. 

College can be a really isolating and confusing transition time for students... but it shouldn't have to be. Kyla helps students find their individual gift, step up as leaders, and create their college experience by design.