Are you already getting everything you want?

Sister loveeee.

Let’s talk about getting what you want.

Are you wishing, wanting, waiting on a specific thing to manifest into your life? Are you wanting more connection with like-minded women? A romantic partner to show up? Financial abundance? A career that lights you up and makes you wanna spring outta bed in the morning to go kick ass?

Yeah, we can spend a lot of time fantasizing about how glamorous it would be to have these things. It’s easy to imagine that once these things fall into place, then, ugh finally -- everything falls into place.

Are you believing that these things are in some far-off land, seemingly inaccessible to you, and are the key to finally feeling the way you want to feel?

Let me present you with an idea: You might already be getting everything you want.

Oftentimes, when we’re pleading with the universe to “Please please please bring me X”, we’re blinded when it finally shows up. Why? Because we’ve got all these expectations about what it should look like, and therefore, once we get what we want … we reject it.

SAY WHAT? I know I know, this might not make a ton of sense. But let me hit you with a personal example:

There was one specific day when I was feeling pretty lonely when I realized I didn’t have any hoppin’ Friday night plans. Now, let me point out that there’s nothing inherently wrong with not having plans on a Friday night but I was putting a wholleeee long story onto it about how it meant that I was a loser, that other people were happier than me, and that there was something wrong with me.

(Talk about blowing things out of proportion, amirite?)

REGARDLESS, I really wanted some Friday night plans. So I started reaching out to people via text and was getting discouraged to find that lots of other people already had plans or were out of town … Until…

“Hey! Yeah, there’s a dinner gathering happening tonight. It’s cool if you come.”

Here’s how I responded:

“Wait, who is the host? Will it be weird if I come? Are you sure you asked her? What should I bring? Who else will be there? Will I know anyone? I wasn’t invited, it’s probably impolite if I come…”

Waaaaait, HOLD UP.

Here I was sitting around wanting some Friday night plans to fall into my lap, and then the universe was all like, “Hey! Here you go! I got you exactly what you wanted!” And I responded with total ungraciousness and head-centered anxiety.

Can you imagine if you asked your friend to buy you a specific shirt for your birthday and once they gave it to you, you said, “UGH! This isn’t the color I wanted. Forget it. And don’t buy me anything else until it’s exactly what I want.”

… Your friend would probably, uh, not buy you anything else.

And this is exactly how so many of us are showing up when it comes to manifesting what we desire in our lives.

We have ideas of exactly how things are supposed to be, and if they are anything but that, we’re totally unsatisfied.

Not only does this block us from receiving more abundance and experiencing satisfaction, joy, and peace with what is, but it also keeps us from flourishing in what the universe is giving us-- which might be exactly what we want.

I finally decided to get over my fears of being “weird” or showing up to something that I wasn’t expressly invited to and it was one of the greatest nights I’ve had in a long freaking time. I saw old friends that I hadn’t seen in a year who I didn’t even know would be there, I made new friends that totally lit my soul up, and I had much needed sister time with like-minded women. It was totally rejuvenating and exactly what my spirit needed.

But I nearly rejected all of that because I was afraid of … what? Of showing up? Of being myself? Of being the odd one out?


Take what comes at you. It’s there for you for a reason.

Where are you saying, “This isn’t good enough” Where you could be saying, “Thank you. Let’s work with this.” ?