How to let go of the weight loss goal

Do you feel like you're overly focused on weight loss? 

This is the #1 most common thing I hear from the women that I speak with. They're on board with the idea of eating intuitively, they want to stop criticizing their bodies....but they just can't let go of the desire to lose or maintain a certain weight. 

It's a tough belief to dig through, I won't lie. But there's one specific place that you must, must, must start with all of this.

Unpack your true desire to lose weight. 

Most women believe that they're carrying around extra weight, that they should be thinner, that they just aren't healthy at a certain weight, etc. But most of that is bullshit (pardon my French).

Don't get me wrong, sometimes we ARE carrying extra weight, sometimes certain health indicators WILL improve after weight loss, and there's nothinginherently wrong with wanting to lose weight. 


Attempts at eating intuitively will fail 100% of the time if you have a weight loss goal. Believing, hoping, and praying that any way of eating will make you skinny will backfire. Badly.

So now you're thinking, uhhmmmm.... okay....HOW DO I GET OVER THE WEIGHT LOSS DESIRE, THOUGH?!

I'm with ya, babe ;) Start here:

1. What do you believe will change in your life after you lose weight? Why do you want those things?
2. What does being heavier mean about who you are as a person? What is bad about being those things?
3. What are you assuming about thin women? What about her life (what you're assuming her life is like based on her body) do you desire in your own?

Be honest with yourself here. Like, really damn honest. I believed that I would be happier, I'd love my body, men would find me more desirable, I would stop craving sugar, my relationship to food would be totally healed, and I'd be a more successful coach....all just from becoming skinnier.

You may find, after doing this exercise, that it's not actually weight loss that you're seeking, but happiness, peace, and self-love...and that's an entirely different mission.