It's time for a new kind of New Year's resolution

No more “lose the last 5 pounds”

No more “finally get in shape”

No more “cut out sugar… for real this time”


Look, there’s nothing wrong with having goals like this - as long as your energy behind it is well-intentioned and coming from a place of self-love.

If, however, you’re thinking that this is the year that you’ll finally lose that weight, get those toned biceps, and have that perfect never-breaking-the-rules dietary regime so that you can be the happy and free person that you so desperately want to be… then this year won’t be much different from the previous ones, babe. Figure out how to let go of your weight loss goal, here.

You see, when we’re using some sort of outside circumstance to control our happiness, then we never really get to the “there” that we dream about. In other words, if your joy is conditional and you don’t think you can be happy unless your body looks a certain way or you’re never ‘slipping up’ on your eating, then you never give yourself the ability to be truly happy, no matter what your body ends up looking like.

So let’s refocus our energy on something worthwhile this new year, yeah?


How about making JOY your goal?

Or contentment in / acceptance of your body?

Self-love and care that is unconditional and juicy and sexy and deep-rooted?

What about a little re-commitment to a daily gratitude practice?


I guarantee that the more you focus on goals like this ^^ the less you will genuinely care how your body looks. You will, however, get really intent on feeling pretty damn amazing in your body. Because the more you cultivate practices of loving yourself and giving yourself what you deeply deserve, the easier and more intuitive it becomes to do things that make you feel good, which includes taking care of your body in every way.

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You were not put on this earth to spend years feeling like shit about your body and then die.

Let’s spend the new year making that realization come to life.

Because you know what? This goes deeper than just you or what you deserve. This is for women (and men) everywhere. Don’t fall for the traps from the diet & fitness industries telling you that this year is finally the year to get what you want …. After you get skinny. They know that people are in a vulnerable position at this time of the year, having just eaten their weight in Christmas cookies and ham and yule logs and whatever else people eat on Christmas (I’m Jewish soooo I don’t know what actually happens at a Christmas I close?). They know that people want to make changes at the beginning of the year and erase from their memory the fact that they ever ate all the things that they did. They want to make you feel like eating was a mistake that you can delete. Don’t fall for it. You’re more than this.

I’m tired of seeing women commit to getting thin every January like it’s the greatest accomplishment they could possibly achieve over the course of a year.

It’s time for a new kind of new year’s resolution.

One that hones in on your inherent power, your badass goddess within, your adventurous and playful and ambitious soul that is craving something more. Something way beyond the typical boring routine of trying to lose the last 5 pounds, again.

Weight loss goals are safe. Especially if you’ve tried them every new year since forever. You know what to expect, how you can do it, and you’ve painted a whole picture for yourself about what you’ll finally get to do, feel, and experience once your abs are flat.

That’s just crap, and you know it. Renewing your commitment to a sugar-free lifestyle for the sake of losing weight and then being happy will lead you down the same rabbit hole it always that ends at the bottom of a Nutella jar, probably not more than 2 weeks into January.

But enough about that. Back to your new goals that you’ll be setting.

Get honest about what your soul is craving. What feeling would you ideally have more of in your life if you could have anything you want? Choose one feeling. Get specific. Get raw. Be fearless about this, like you really can have the things that you desire, flat tummy or not.

Got it? Good. Write it down. Now choose one step you can take on a daily or weekly basis to cultivate more of that feeling. Something that is feasible, actionable, and feels FUN to do!

You can repeat this process as often as you need to, but it will require a commitment to yourself. To knowing that you deserve to feel good because you’re here and you’re important and life is so short and why not spend it totally. lit. up. ?!

Be bold and brave this new year with this new kind of resolution. If it feels scary, THAT IS GOOD. That means it’s important and that your soul is trying to speak up in excitement.

So here’s to a new year of new commitments and renewed love for your journey in finding what makes you light up.

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