The myth of willpower

Let's talk about willpower.

This is a biiiiigggg topic in the food & fitness world. 

"Eat before you go out to dinner so you won't be tempted to eat french fries!"

"Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. Make a good impression."

"Push yourself harder every damn day."

"You can keep up a month's worth of progress or you can ruin it with a craving you've had for 5 minutes. Your choice."

YUCK. I don't know about you, but I feel terrible just reading those. I feel shameful, I feel not enough, I feel pathetic.

I used to tell myself shit like this ^^ all the time. It was what kept me feeling like I was *motivated, not obsessed* (oh, please).

Here's the thing with using willpower like it's your battery....
Eventually it runs out. The battery dies. And all hell breaks loose. In the form of:

-Eating Ben & Jerry's out of the pint, standing up, in front of your freezer, hoping no one walks in the kitchen.
-Saying "fuck it" and getting 3 servings of food even though you're not hungry anymore and starting to feel sick.
-Not moving your body at all for days, weeks, because you're literally recharging your willpower battery for next Monday when you restart your clean eating.

Babe, I've so been there.

I was there only about a million times while I was in the restrict-binge cycle for years. On a wagon, off a wagon, and back on...until my willpower battery ran out.

But what if I told you that eating could feel effortless? 

As in, you'd know exactly how much food would feel good in your body, you'd stop eating when you felt full, and you'd say no to dessert if you weren't feelin' it...without using any straining willpower.

Because when we truly connect to our bodies...we don't need willpower. The choices become easy because we genuinely just want to feel good on every level. And we know that we inherently deserve that.

This is what's possible for you. Learn about how we can make it happen together here.