You’re feeling stuck in your relationship to food. You’ve tried the diets, cutting out the sugar, gluten, dairy, until you’re left with almost zero foods that you’re not afraid of. You’re trying to be good, but still keep finding yourself drawn back to the bag of chocolate chips in your cupboard. Every morning you’re hitting the reset button on WILLPOWER & CONTROL, but… you just keep ending up in the diet-binge cycle. And you want to get the hell out.

Right now,

You’re thinking about food constantly.

You struggle to stop eating once you start.

And you just want to feel normal around food.


I want you feeling peaceful around food and free in your body. That means eating the foods you crave without overeating uncontrollably. That means seeing your body as your best ally, not a mistake that needs to be fixed. That means being guided by your intuition to make the right food choices that’ll leave you feeling nourished, satisfied, and sweet.

This is your time, babe. Let’s heal this thing together.


Make peace with food

  • Break down your trigger foods
  • Know what, when, and how much to eat
  • Feel truly satisfied with your meals
  • Eat anything without judgment
  • No more fear around food

Embrace your bod           

  • Get the tools you need to feel amazing in your skin everyday
  • See your body for more than its appearance
  • Trust your body wisdom
  • Get to your ideal weight

Ignite your intuition

  • Figure out what you're truly seeking
  • Befriend your inner mean girl and cultivate self-love
  • Live authentically & fearlessly
  • Use your inner wisdom to guide your life into freedom


  • 1-on-1 phone calls (or Skype calls) together once a week for 4 months
  • Unlimited email support in between phone calls
  • Mini tasks each week tailored for you to move you forward in healing your relationship to food
  • Free gifts! I love to send my clients books, resources, and other goodies that will support them on their journey


$1800 paid up-front


4 monthly payments of $450


Interested? Got questions? Click the button below to give me a little more info on you & to schedule your FREE breakthrough call with me!


Why do coaching?

I believe that we all need someone to cheer us on, be by our side, and guide us through the tough shit. We simply can’t do it all alone, as much as we try or feel like we “should” be able to. I’ve worked with many coaches (and continue to do so today!) because I love the feeling of growing in an empowered way to my highest potential, all while knowing that I’ve got someone there to help me when I fall. Coaching is not someone telling you what to do: a coach gives you the tools you need so that eventually you won’t need a coach anymore. I believe deeply in this work, because I’ve seen it create major changes in my life.

Do I have to sign up for all 4 months?

When you’ve spent so much of your life absorbing messages that we’re not enough or need to change ourselves or our body in some way, reversing that stuff doesn’t happen overnight. I make my program 4 months for a reason, and I wouldn’t want you to receive less than you need.

This program is too expensive for me.

I hear you! Money is a big issue for many of us. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s “only” a certain amount of money, or how you should feel about your finances. What I will say is that I use the word "investment" for a reason. This is not a one-time payment where the money disappears forever - it’s an investment in getting your life back! Think about this: You could continue on your way, doing what you're doing, and continue getting the same stuck results you're getting. OR, you can create a new future full of ANY possibilities you want for yourself. The difference between those 2 potential futures is why you make the investment in coaching.

I have an eating disorder. Is this for me?

Coaching is NOT a replacement for psychological treatment of an eating disorder. If you have been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder, getting help is a non-negotiable! My training does not certify me to work with a client who is not also receiving outside treatment for an eating disorder. In other words, working with me can be an excellent supplement to eating disorder treatment, but is not a replacement. Always consult a physician if you have hesitations. My work is targeted mostly towards yo-yo dieters, those with orthorexic behaviors, binge eaters, or anyone who desires a healthier relationship to food.