When I first chatted with Kyla, I was timid about the journey ahead - unsure of what the journey would entail, insecure in my ability to travel along the steps of that journey, and nervous about investing in someone I had never met to be my guide.

But something about Kyla's voice on the other end of the phone invoked a true sense of trust, and on a complete whim I signed up for her five-month coaching program. It is the best decision I ever made.

From a practical standpoint, Kyla helped me find strategies and gave me sage advice to make shifts in my belief systems (about myself, about my community, about society). Some of these stuck, some didn't, but Kyla's flexibility and ability to listen and guide allowed me the space to figure out what worked best for me (without  me even realizing it!) More importantly, Kyla provided a comfortable space to be completely honest about things and feelings I've never felt comfortable sharing with anyone in my life. In this way, she did the thing that I know now is the most important part about the journey: she helped me dismantle my shame, and from there the floodgates of self-love opened. Kyla is truly skilled at being a guide - she makes the journey something of beauty and that is a true gift!

- Amanda S., Washington, D.C.

I was working under Kyla's guidance before I was conscious of it. Just from following her on social media and brief interactions on the internet, she gave me ideas of how my life could be and affirmations to aspire to. Kyla holds space for me to explore the construction of my mind around eating and body image. I call her my food guru. I look to as a role model, as a being who has experienced the pains I feel and overcome them so that she can serve others. Working under Kyla's guidance has been one of the strongest decisions I've made towards healing.

- Aliya B., New York, NY

I found Kyla to be a great source of insight. She really understands this area and offered some great wisdom.

- Maxine A., Tel Aviv, Israel

Kyla is a truly gifted healer! Her approach to healing food issues is about re-channeling energy from the brain to the bodies. Kyla's maxims encourage the art of self-love, as she offers tools to help create the experience I want to have around my body and the food that nourishes it. Freedom from negativity and shame are major focuses, and Kyla's compassionate and intuitive guidance help deconstruct the illogical fears and control issues our brains tell us we must maintain about food.

- Shira S., Tel Aviv, Israel

Kyla's Finding Food Freedom self-guided 21 day course is brilliantly designed and so effective. With the daily exercises, Kyla’s constant support and the amazing FFF Facebook tribe I've been able to develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise and myself. I never thought that this course would have changed my life but it did and I couldn't be happier.

- Sarah B., Canada

Kyla's course was a gift I happened to stumble upon. After investing in her course, I set time aside everyday to dedicate to participate in the course and journal. I was finally able to begin the difficult process of self-love. Everyday, Kyla and Finding Food Freedom reminds me to be gentle on myself and love the body that I have. The community she has created is inspiring and has helped my mind, body, and heart heal. I am so grateful!

- Kaitlin M., Cincinnati, Ohio

Kyla helped me find a starting point to work through my issues with disordered eating, and provided encouragement and positive, constructive advice.  

- Elaina C., Baltimore, MD

Kyla has been a ray of hope and sunshine in my disordered eating journey. She is such an authentic, compassionate, and genuine coach and healer. Her knowledge doesn't just come from books, it comes from life experience. She has been where I stand and has come out the other side shining brightly! Through her Finding Food Freedom course, Kyla has taught me to start accepting and loving my body as it is, to trust myself around food, and to speak to myself with kindness, love and respect. I am learning to discover my true self - my inner queen. As I peel off these layers of negativity and shame, I am finding such beauty, positivity, wisdom and love. I am thankful that Kyla is speaking out in a diet and thin obsessed world and that she is sharing her wisdom with other women, allowing us to be set free from negative body image and food rules. She is such a gift!!

- Robin S., Santa Rosa, CA