Welcome to The Sweet Life.

The Sweet Life is an 8-week group coaching program that focuses on food, body image, and self-love. In 8 weeks, you can expect to be further on your path with food allowance, feeling more free in your bod, and way more connected to your unique, beautiful soul. You'll also have the support and inspiration of all the other amazing women in the program with you. 

Here, you eat the foods you love. You order the side of fries when the craving hits, you easily say no to dessert when you're not feelin' it (no willpower required), and you're done with binge eating.

Here, you are an ally to your body. You don't spend all of your energy obsessing over what those extra 30 calories did to your "goals". You don't blame her for your unhappiness. You just take care of her.

Here, you are the queen of your journey. You're in tune with you and are intimately connected to your emotional & mental needs with gorgeous self-care rituals.

On top of all that? You've got a sisterhood that supports your goals, holds you accountable, and cheers you on like crazy. 

This is the vision I've got for you, babe. Are you joining us?

Group coaching is super valuable, and I'll tell ya why, sister:

When I first started my journey in healing my relationship to food, I tried to do it all on my own.

No one in my life knew what I had been dealing with for years. I tried so hard to do it all by myself because I was so ashamed of the late-night binges, the fact that I spent all of my headspace agonizing over calories eaten vs. calories burned, and how I couldn't even handle my feelings for one second without eating over them.

I thought I was crazy. I thought I was the only person in the world dealing with this stuff. "There must be something totally wrong with me", I thought.

That all changed once I found a community of women who were also dealing with food & body challenges.

I found women who also spend some days obsessing over the size of their tummies.

They also feel out of control around food.

They're also dedicated to loving themselves into change.

I. Am. Not. Alone.

Why was this so powerful?

Because I was FINALLY able to move through the remaining blocks I had in healing my relationship to food. I made a fair amount of progress on my own, but there were some things that were just. not. budging.

But this sisterhood held me accountable for actually committing to change. These women brought a totally new perspective in the areas where I'd tried the same tactics over and over again. This community was the place I went to when I wanted to binge, when I was having a shit body image day, where I was just totally down on myself... and they showered me with compassion to until I could see the light again.

This is huge. We NEED community & connection so that we know we're not alone in our struggles. We need to be lifted up when we're feeling defeated. And we all need a sisterhood.

Imagine finally busting through the final blocks keeping you stuck in your relationship to food & body (3).png

This is a going to be a gorgeous process of self-discovery. Here's the breakdown:

Week 1 | Getting clear on your vision & commitment to self-love

  • Create a vision of what changes you'll commit to over the next 8 weeks
  • Find clarity on how you want your life to look once you find freedom with food & body
  • Write your Sweet Freedom statement as a commitment to yourself and get held accountable by the other women in the program!

Week 2 | Befriend your inner mean girl

  • Get unstuck in all of the areas where you feel not-good-enough
  • Understand why we keep ourselves stuck and how to use our inner wisdom to move beyond
  • Learn steps for unconditional self-love in moments of inner mean girl attacks

Week 3 | Body acceptance and love

  • Get EMPOWERED by your amazing body!
  • Create positive experiences in your body with some of my fav body love exercises & practices
  • Move from body hate to body acceptance
  • Let go of your weight loss goal

Week 4 | Letting go of food restriction

  • Nail down intuitive eating with one simple question
  • Get creative with food and have FUN with eating again!

Week 5 | Chill out (take a break from new info this week & re-commit wherever you feel you need it!)

Week 6 | Handling binge eating

  • Get clear on why you're binge eating
  • Honor yourself and your emotions without numbing out with food
  • Bounce back from setbacks with intuitive eating and practice self-love

Week 7 | Create your daily self-love rituals

  • Create and commit to daily rituals that serves you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Be held accountable by your sisters in the group to do it every single day!

Week 8 | Putting it all into practice: Your Sweet Life

  • Live authentically in your Sweet Freedom statement 
  • Celebrate everything you've accomplished in the last 8 weeks!
  • Create new commitments moving forward on your journey and live Your Sweet Life!

How will it all work?




  • An email from me packed with wisdom on that week's module

  • Workbooks tailored to help you get clear on where you're stuck and how to bust through those blocks

  • Specific action steps that will challenge you, change you, and nourish you


  • Group coaching calls with me + your fellow sisters in the program so you can get guidance from me, support one another, and celebrate accomplishments


  • Access to an exclusive online community for this cohort of women. You'll utilize this to be held accountable and express any areas where you're feeling stuck
  •  A giveaway! I'm raffling off gifts to be given at random for anyone who signs up for the program 




$440 paid in-full

Payment plans available!



Who is this program for?

The Sweet Life is for anyone who struggles with food, like binge eating, yo-yo dieting, food restriction, calorie counting, and generally feeling crayyyy around food. It is for anyone who struggles with body image, like exercise obsession, pinching at your love handles in the mirror, worrying that food will make you fat, body loathing, and generally believing that you'll be happier once you're thinner. It is for anyone who struggles with self-love, like having a serious inner critic, needing help at handling setbacks, thinking that you're damaged, and generally not being able to define your self-worth outside of how "well" you're doing with food & weight.

Why do group coaching?

Coaching of any kind is extremely valuable, but there is something a little special about group coaching. When we're able to hear the words, "I've been there, too", it totally erases the shame that so often comes with food & body image challenges. We no longer feel like we have some kind of "problem". You get off the hook because... you're just human ;) Not only that, but being a part of a group program provides extra accountability. If you are someone who struggles with making and breaking commitments (to others or yourself), then this program is great for you! We will hold you to your goals, cheer you on, and support you in every way we can.

This program is too expensive for me.

I hear you! Money is a big issue for many of us. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s “only” a certain amount of money, or how you should feel about your finances. What I will say is that I use the word investment for a reason. This is not a one-time payment where the money disappears forever - it’s an investment in getting your life back! Think about this: You could continue on your way, doing what you're doing, and continue getting the same stuck results you're getting. OR, you can create a new future full of ANY possibilities you want for yourself. The difference between those 2 potential futures is why you make the investment in coaching. If the in-full price is too expensive for you, there are payments plans available!

I have an eating disorder. Is this for me?

Coaching is NOT a replacement for psychological treatment of an eating disorder. If you have been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder, getting help is a non-negotiable! My training does not certify me to work with a client who is not also receiving outside treatment for an eating disorder. In other words, working with me can be an excellent supplement to eating disorder treatment, but is not a replacement. Always consult a physician if you have hesitations. My work is targeted mostly towards yo-yo dieters, those with orthorexic behaviors, binge eaters, or anyone who desires a healthier relationship to food.

Your fearless leader, biggest cheerleader, and badass food and body love coach:

Hey heyyy, gorgeous girl! I'm Kyla, a food & body love coach on a mission to change the way women relate to themselves. I'm SO PUMPED that you're here and ready to experience the magic of feeling sooo super juicy and loving in your bod and totally free in your relationship to food! The Sweet Life is where you belong if you're into stuff like that ;) 

I've been where you are, BIG TIME. I know how scary it can be to make a big jump and invest in something like this. But changing your life is never a small step. Read what other women have said about working with me here. As soon as you're ready to commit, I'll be here, holding space for your struggles, cheering you on in your victories, and helping you see past your blind spot. Let's do thissss!

Got a specific question? Big concerns? Just wanna tell me how totally EXCITED you are?! Get in touch with me HERE and I'd be happy to chat via email or over the phone!