Hey beautiful! I'm Kyla. I'm so glad we're here together.

You’re here because you’re tired of letting your food and body image struggles keep you from living your damn life.

You’ve tried mustering the willpower every Monday to finally get yourself… there.

You know, there. The place where you’ll finally have the perfect body, eat the perfect foods, and feel all the love and freedom you’ve been desperately aching for in this whole journey.

You’re sick of not understanding WTF self-love actually looks like, and why it’s not working for you.

I’m here to help you see:::

… that the love and freedom that you want is already within you.

… that you’re already whole, enough, fixed, and complete right now.

… that no amount of exercise, kale, or relationship hopping is going to make you love yourself.

… that you are love.


I know this to be true about you because it’s true for all of us.

I was trapped for years in a vicious cycle of never good enough. Years ago, I got super interested in nutrition, which eventually turned into obsessing over each ingredient in everything I ate, spending my nights going over every calorie that entered my mouth that day, and every morning calculating a workout to get rid of it and build the lean, mean, machine of a body I so desperately wanted.

It didn’t matter what I weighed, what I ate, who loved me, or how much money I had … nothing was ever good enough.

I wanted to feel free, at peace, and loved -- so badly that it hurt. But I was blind to every good thing in my life because I was so dependent on making my happiness happen externally.

My life was one big fat expression of “Once I have X, then I’ll finally be happy.”

Eventually, I realized that the problem wasn’t my body, my food, or ME … it was my limiting belief system that kept me feeling faithless, hopeless, and sabotaging myself on the daily.

So, I traded criticism for compassion.

I gave my body love each day, instead of hating her for not looking like a photoshopped model.

I started to trust myself around food, and I broke down my need to binge all the time.

I began to deeply understand that I have the ability to create my reality, and that my fears are simply games asking me to uplevel.

I fell in love with myself, and now I live like a damn queen inside my own body.

I got super curious about how I could share this light with other women. I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned how to guide people through making lasting and impactful changes in their lives. I’ve spent years learning from other coaches, leaders, and lightworkers on how to bust through our own internal blocks and live in our light.

You know life can feel juicy and delicious and joyful. You know your worthiness can’t be defined by your body or your relationships or your challenges and yet … you can’t figure out how to make the compulsive behaviors and anxiety stop.

Here’s a secret, babe: you’ve got all the answers already. I’m just here to help you unravel the bullshit that made you believe anything different.

I’m here to show you how easy it is to fall in love with who you are. You’ll fill your days with intention and become a co-creator of your reality with the universe.


Here, you’re going to find that feeling confident, sexy, and alive are your natural states of being.  


I built this online home for you to get a better understanding of where you’re at in your journey of self-discovery. I’m so excited to guide you through. CLICK HERE to find out how we can work together.

Feeling curious about how you can dip your toes into the pool of yummy self-love? I created a guide for you outlining 5 daily practices to discover what self-love really feels like. If you’re craving a little umph in your self-care game and want to feel truly connected to yourself every damn day -- I created this guide just for you. Download it HERE.