As the keynote speaker at our leadership conference, Kyla gave our students an opportunity to share themselves in a way they typically wouldn't. Both grounding and uplifting in her speaking, Kyla provided our students with practical, engaging lessons on how to create more meaningful and authentic connections in their every day lives. 

- Rouseline Emmanuel-Frenel, Director of Student Activities, Gwynned-Mercy University

Kyla helped our students feel energized and excited at the idea of a more collaborative community on campus. She helped our students foster growth through asking more meaningful questions and being more aware of how they can create a unique impact in their student years. I highly recommend Kyla to anyone looking for a transformational speaker!

-Ana Maria Gower, Director of Student Services, Lincoln University

Kyla is more than your typical speaker. She brings a level of heart, intellect, and engagement that goes above and beyond the standard. Not only is she a skilled speaker and leader, she is also an extraordinary individual and a joy to work with. I highly endorse Kyla for any organization or event looking for a speaker who will leave a genuine, lasting impression.

Davide Di Giorgio, President, UNapologetic Enterprises, Inc.

Kyla's story is powerful, her energy is incredible, and her ability to help others is awe-inspiring!

-Jaymin J. Patel, Founder of JayminSpeaks.com, and author of 8 books who has delivered over 500+ college presentations across the US and internationally

Kyla is an engaging speaker that provides compelling, concrete examples of how to transform our mindset and become more effective leaders. Her style deeply resonates with young adults and gives them clear frameworks for how to get connected to themselves and their communities.

- Taylor Conroy, CEO, The Idea Collective

Kyla not only brings a positive and engaging energy to the room, but she leaves her audience with their own newfound confidence and concrete examples of how they can become their best selves. She makes leadership accessible to everyone in a way that feels authentic and inviting. 

- Jake Heilbrunn, CSO, The Idea Collective

Kyla has a unique way of connecting with an audience and articulating ideas that are actionable, fun, and build intentional community among those listening. From a powerful 5 minute talk leaving a room speechless to facilitating half-day workshops and activities, Kyla's presence is magnetic and elevates everyone around her.

- Jordan Edelheit, TEDx organizer

I had the opportunity to work with Kyla while launching People Who Usually Don't Lecture in San Francisco. Kyla proved to be an anchor to our program, and such a joy to work with. Kyla shares a deeply human, truly authentic story that served as an inspiration for all who were present.

- Sarah Persitz, Community Organizer, Jerusalem, Israel & San Francisco, CA 

Kyla's intuitive and empathetic coaching was instrumental in gently exposing years of conditioning and layers of subconscious patterns. Through compassionate practice and guidance, I now have the agency to thank the experiences, thoughts, and actions that protected me in the past, and the choice to celebrate and cultivate those that'll serve the next stage of my evolved self.  My current alignment, and the journey itself, is a revolution. Hiring Kyla was the best investment I made all year!

- Nayra G., Texas

Kyla has provided me with guidance in a loving and supportive way, while holding me accountable for taking steps which have resulted in rapid growth in a remarkably short time. Through active listening and effective coaching she has helped me find my voice and has given me sustainable tools to empower myself. Working with Kyla has been a life-changing experience.

- Shenaaz P., Qatar

Since working with Kyla, I have started taking concrete steps towards my dream life. I am more connected to the present moment, I am kinder to myself and others, and I’m more trusting of my process. I’ve even manifested some business opportunities! The biggest change I have seen is within myself; I now understand I fully contain the power to write my own story, and that is absolutely priceless.

- Lindsey M., Maine

Kyla helped me find strategies and gave me sage advice to make shifts in my belief systems (about myself, about my community, about society). Kyla is truly skilled at being a guide.

- Amanda S., Washington, D.C.

Kyla helped me to recognize old, destructive patterns of thinking that were trapping me, and to create new routines which brought compassion and presence to the process. She helped me to cultivate journaling and meditation practices, which have opened the door for self-inquiry. I am now tapping into my feminine side, feeling empowered in my start-up business, getting out of my comfort zone, building confidence in decision making, mending the relationship with my mother… I used to hold myself up to such impossibly high standards, and one of my greatest takeaways from her work is redefining how I look at myself.

- Alyssa D., Jersey City, NJ

Kyla holds space for me to explore the construction of my mind, and gave me ideas of how my life could be and affirmations to aspire to. I look to her as a role model, as a being who has experienced the pains I feel and overcome them so that she can serve others. Working under Kyla's guidance has been one of the strongest decisions I've made.

- Aliya B., New York, NY

I found Kyla to be a great source of insight. She really understands this area and offered some great wisdom.

- Maxine A., Tel Aviv, Israel

Kyla is a truly gifted healer! Freedom from negativity and shame are major focuses, and Kyla's compassionate and intuitive guidance help deconstruct the illogical fears and control issues our brains tell us we must maintain.

- Shira S., Tel Aviv, Israel

Kyla has been a ray of hope and sunshine in my journey. She is such an authentic, compassionate, and genuine coach and healer. Her knowledge doesn't just come from books, it comes from life experience. She has been where I stand and has come out the other side shining brightly! I am learning to discover my true self. I am thankful that Kyla is speaking out and that she is sharing her wisdom with others. She is such a gift!!

- Robin S., Santa Rosa, CA